Jennifer Quan Art

  • 18 in x 24in
  • Original piece is Acrylic on Gallery wrapped Canvas

Song of Songs 4:9 TPT

The very first time I ever saw how Jesus responds to our worship it looked a bit like this. I watched one Sunday morning as the service fell away and I watched Jesus walk through a mist shrouded forest, the greens vibrantly alive all around him. The feeling intimate and the sound was hushed and reverent as if all of heaven held its breath in this moment as he enjoyed the sound of our hearts' adoration. I watched him walk, eyes closed and a smile on his face, as the sound of worship rose from the ground as a shimmering violet mist. He takes such delight and enjoyment in our delight of him. 


Our worship really is a chance to give love back to him and He is so worth it.

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