Radiant Hope...

What if it painted your world?





  • “Jennifer Quan paints beyond the ordinary, when i look at the painting I have in my room I am reminded of where I was in that moment in time and how far I’ve come with God’s help. The painting shows beautiful butteries with wings of vibrant colors, its speaks to me of new beginnings, strength to overcome, triumph, it encourages me. I am blessed to have one of Jennifer Quan’s paintings in my home.”

    - Synthia Bethea, Owner of “Beautiful”
  • “I have always loved horses. And when I saw Jenn painting this one, I knew I had to have it . It’s just spoke to me. I keep it in my bedroom right above my bed and daily I look at it. The beauty and determination I see in this painting inspires and lifts my spirit to more of what God has in his endless realm for me.”

    Delia Owner of “Unbroken”
  • “I talked about Adriano’s teaching on History Makers. The picture of the city scape was exactly like the painting. I talked about the painting being done about the same time that I gave the church (Gravidade Zero) the prophesy of the new building that we were now standing in. I stated that you and I did not know each other when you painted the picture. It was truly a divine creation. The church was amazed!!! It was a center piece fo the opening of the new building. You have to understand that History Makers is the signature charter for Gravidade Zero.”

    Brian Ward, Evangelist and Prophet
  • “We were asked to pray for this guy named Laurie, who is one of the first missionary guys from Papa New Guinea for Every Nations Ministries/ Victory Churches. I saw a sword in his hand and just prayed and shared with him what I felt the Lord wasting in regards to his warrior nature. Then the team felt lead to give him this painting (Not Alone) which totally fit! He was encouraged to start his journey and excited to return to his homeland and minister!”

    Andrew Hopkins, Evangelist and Worship Leader, Breaker Ministries