Jennifer Quan Art

  • 30in x24in
  • Original piece is Acrylic on Gallery wrapped Canvas

Hope is rising and its the start of a new day and a new season. You made it through the night. 

Song of Solomon 2: 11-13

There is such a fantastic story behind this painting. It was painted at the family life conference held in Carlsbad, CA a few years ago and it was the first human face I'd actively painted. I was simply excited it came out looking human as I wasn't entirely confident in my ability to paint people at that point. My friend Jill Wykoff, who was painting at the evening's service, called me and asked if I'd bring it back to display on stage that evening, which I did. At the end of service the speaker and his wife (Eric and Candace Johnson, from Bethel Church, Redding) were praying for everyone and the line wrapped around the sancutary. I was chatting with a friend as I waited in line when a movement caught my eye. This painting was on stage and a woman stood between me and the painting and she had turned her head revealing very familiar cheekbones...and wavy highlights and blue eyes...the woman I'd painted was alive and breathing to my jumping-out-of-my-skin shock. I stared while trying not to stare and all the while trying not to hyperventilate. God is so funny. What was happenstance for me was utterly on purpose for Him. After the woman made it through the prayer line I asked her name, showed her the painting and watched as the God of the Universe showed up and showed off His love through the prophetic word attached: You see the woman in the painting is facing the sunrise because it's a brand new day. Her future begins now. She made it through the night and the old things were passing away and with the dawn a new day and it's about to be a brilliant one. Your Hope comes in the morning. Just like it did for her. ~JQ


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