A Mother's Prayers

Jennifer Quan Art

  • 24in x30in
  • Original piece is Acrylic on Gallery wrapped Canvas. Not for sale at this time
  • Prints and Canvas Prints are currently available for sale

 The 5rd Painting in the War Cry Series.

 Every loving mother is a warrior. That goes for the women that mother our souls just as much as those that carry the honored title of "mother." We contend for our children, we pray over their health, their wellbeing, their safety and happiness, their character, the difficulties they face and how those difficulties form them. Mothering requires so much wisdom, strength and fierce love but also selfless generosity. It requires giving of yourself deeply and a fierce determination. Mothering is one of the hardest, most painful, weirdest and most rewarding positions a woman could hold. And that’s why we were created with softness and steel.  Our words guard and guide generations, our prayers do not go unheard even after we've prayed them countless times and fall asleep as we do. Those words keep speaking even after our voices stop. A Mother's Prayer.

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