Ferocious Love

Jennifer Quan Art

  • 4ft x 5ft (122cm x 152cm)
  • Acrylic Paint on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
While mankind was still being brutalized by a relentless enemy that hates our existence, a plan was in the works. Daring and dangerous, the King made a strategic move. So loved were we that, this King would rather sacrifice himself, knowing that only He could save His Beloved. We didn't even know we were so loved. The ultimate display of worth and value played on a stage so vast, the fabric of all of human history changed in that one moment. This was not a sweet hallmark movie kind of love but an intense prisoner rescue staged through the heart of enemy territory as the mighty Warrior in love broke out His Beloved by storming the gates of Hell. His love knew the glory of who we were intended to be beneath the dirt, grime and hopelessness and locked down under chains of death and lies and hate and sin. The cross was the moment He kicked the gates in to announce His arrival and the redemption of His Lover. He is the Roaring Lion and He's looking for a fight.

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