Jennifer Quan Art

  • 36in x36in
  • Original piece is Acrylic on Gallery wrapped Canvas
  • Prints are available


Your heart in all its complexity is hidden not only in His, but it's held in his hands at the same time. And worship flows down heart to heart with the Creator, music and ideas and movement. It all begins in the place of intimacy, your hearts connected. 

This is a special piece I did around the time when God told me I couldn’t hide anymore. I was no longer allowed to pretend to be vanilla and deliberately toned down. I wasn’t allowed to stay hidden in the safe, non-descript anonymity in the middle of the road, middle of the crowd any longer. Hidden so I wouldn’t shine or stand out to be wounded, sabotaged or targeted by someone else’s insecurity. I got kicked out of the boat so to speak and told to stand up and shine. Let myself be seen. It was so scary to reveal myself. Ever been there? When you put down whatever mask you’ve been sporting and admit “This is me”. I’ve since discovered when you offer your glory it gives others permission to be glorious too. Ive realized I’m no longer hidden. It’s much more fun standing in the light and being fully yourself.  Be you, bravely. 

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