Jennifer Quan Art

  • 24in x30in
  • Original piece is Acrylic on Gallery wrapped Canvas

 The 3rd Painting in the War Cry Series.

Luke 1:45

 Your Identity is pivotal to your destiny but it's also pivotal to your experience of life on a daily basis. Just by experiencing life in a difficult world we pick up messages that play in our heads like a song on repeat, for good or evil, and we tend to live out those same messages. Eventually like the tin man (or woman) we rust over forgetting that Life comes from the Heart and somewhere on our journey we misplaced ours somewhere, waking up one day and realizing something's missing and how did we get here. But the truth is you are not simply who you THINK you are, you are actually WHO God says you are. His view of you is far greater and more radiant than you realize and his word is filled with promises to that effect. YOU are the bride of Christ. YOU are known by a God who chooses to let himself be known by you and so much so he realized you'd never make it so he bridged the gap himself. You are not rubbish, you are not a worthless human that he guesses he could possibly let in, since Jesus asked (twice). You are not the free gift with purchase. It neither matters if you are (too) young or (too) old or (too) skinny or not skinny enough. You ARE precious. You were worth the blood of the most precious Son in the whole universe and he chose to go out of love for YOU. But He didn't stop there. He knows us each individually and calls us each by name. You, you are loved. Never forget. You are so much more than you've ever believed, you need to see yourself in the Reflection of His love and His word over you, not what stares back at you in a mirror. Reflection.

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