Jennifer Quan Art

  • 24in x30in
  • Original piece is Acrylic on Gallery wrapped Canvas

 The 2nd Painting in the War Cry Series.

Isaiah 61:1-2, Isaiah 49:1-3

"My spark has been hunted. Brutalized. But brilliant in its brightness. Feared for its fire. The spirit it carries. A small, brilliant holy flame. Life burns in its brightness. Hope. It's essence speaks of truth deeper then bone. It's delicacy belies it's strength. Stomped on, it dances. A try at capture or harm only it playfully dodges away. 

I am not fragile, I am fierce. I was made to fight. I do not fear the fire...I am the Holy fire and I feel it’s rising. The battle is calling...I am called to the good fight...and I Will not shrink back...I WILL WIN."

Crowned in Holy Fire. This warrior Queen is surrounded by flowing hair and flowing flame with 7 stars in the background. Power and beauty combined. She is not tame. She is a woman carrying the symbol of authority and position. She knows who she is and whose she is, she is unafraid. 

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