War for Destiny

Jennifer Quan Art

  • 20"x30" 
  • Artist retouched, Canvas print on Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Custom Frame available

Proverbs 21:31, Psalm 27:13-14, Isaiah 27:1-5, Isaiah 27: 9, Song of Solomon 2:13

Painted during Awaken the Dawn at the Gardens in Vista, CA.

There is a deep but important battle that happens in fighting your way out as new things are being created and the old dismantled around you and that Battle belongs to the Lord as He kills his enemies with His own hand and in the power of His blood. 

This painting depicts a warhorse fighting its way out of the churning surf. A symbol of both freedom and power, Proverbs 21:31 says that the horse is prepared for the day of battle. The graceful swirls in bronze wax and gold depict the patterns seen in a particle detector as  particles collide. A fascinating image that symbolizes new things that are being created and old things dismantled. But it doesn't stop there. There's more to this painting's story. 

The Story:

As I painted this painting over the course of the 3 day event while the various groups played music, sang and danced bathed in so much amazing worship. This was not a fast painting but a slow and intentional one. I knew there was a reason it was happened this way and have been painting long enough that I knew to wait and see what it was. The swirls and toning came first then blocking out the main image on the 2nd day. On the last day as the horse became more apparent and the colors deepened and the movement in the shading and shadows were added, the final group of the event took the stage. I'd never heard them before and I was incredibly excited to hear them play. Carol Kiger Rice and a team of First Nations Musicians. It was amazing and throughout their set they kept singing a song about the Sound of the hoofbeats of the Warhorses. I laughed to myself and went back to continue. "Here I am and I'm painting a warhorse" I thought to myself. After they were finished and were greeting and mingling as the event started to wrap up, one of the members came closer to see what I was painting. She was so gracious and became very excited as I explained the reasons behind everything and she told me I needed to meet one of the gentlemen in the group that had written the song.

As he told me about the song and the dream that it'd been written from, he explained some of the symbols significant to the First Nations peoples, that they specifically paint upon their warhorses. First was the circle on the face of the horses, which symbolized having sight on the battlefield above their enemies. Second, and just as vital, was the red handprint used specifically on the chest of their horses. This symbolized the warrior's declaration that he has killed his enemies with his own hand. In this extraordinary man's dream was Jesus telling him that the handprints on the horses were His and in His own blood. Jesus is killing His enemies with His own hand. Wow. Selah. 

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