Jennifer Quan Art

  • 36in x 48in
  • Acrylic Paint on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Song of Songs 2: 11-13, Isaiah 55:10-14, Psalm 37:34, Luke 1:45

Begun at a play celebrating the Jewish feast of Tabernacles, I was invited to paint live during the event and the story of this painting began.  The imagery originally began with an angel and a bluebird of hope...a much more tame beginning. However I was not happy with the composition so it sat in my studio for several months until early January of 2020. One night as I was working around my studio, inspiration arrived as often it does -- Late. I suddenly knew where this painting was headed and I painted as the story unfolded.

Where has your life been tame? Just sitting there lacking direction? It's just you can't quite get away form that dull feeling of dissatisfaction. Something is off, but what?

You were waiting for now. 

Destiny is coming. It looks different than you anticipated because it is different and you feel the rumblings in the unseen even now.  All of your heart has been waiting for this moment.  Things will line up in ways never seen before. It is the time of the restoration of voices waiting to be heard. The sound of Life that has grown strong in the deep places to carry to the thirsty and the broken. The wind is picking up and the sound is loud and wild and life giving but not tame. Far, Far from tame. This is the sound of destiny arising and it will come Suddenly, wild but good.

(Note: Painting glows in black light or the dark!!) 

Currently on Display at Adore Gallery in Carlsbad!!

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