[Episode 2 ]: You're a What? Top 3 Responses to Telling People I'm a Prophetic Artist

[Episode 2 ]: You're a What? Top 3 Responses to Telling People I'm a Prophetic Artist

May 09, 2019

I introduced last time the 3 categories of responses I most often come across as a Prophetic Artist, quick review Response I, The Staunch Starchy; Response II, The Yes! this Speaks to my heart; and my personal favorite, Response III, The Wait, What the bl**p just Happened. Today were going to look at the second group. Get ready for the Yes's.

Response Type II, The Yes! This Speaks to my Heart:

The Response II, The Yes This Speaks to my Heart individual is easily identifiable as well. They are your exuberant worshipers and are often kids. Similar to the Starchies, behaviorally The Yes’s are also hoverers and utterly fascinated but what you are doing. This group wants to talk to you, learn from you, breathe on you, or just get up and join you. This is your tribe right here. They can FEEL it. That “yes” deep inside and longing to express their art in some way burns like only the built-in callings truly can. Especially fun if they are dancers. This group typically crosses all ages groups, but frequently tends to be more the younger then the experienced, at least at first, typically because of the their experience.
What separates them from the Type I Starchy is the expression. While the Starchy is concerned and polite the Yes’s become your new best friends. This is because you’ve typically just legitimized something they knew in their spirits but either had no words for yet or (especially with adult Yes’s) are themselves fledgling artists taking steps on their journey of becoming. They are usually extraordinarily open in their expressions….and extraordinarily hungry as well! The younger ones because new territory just opened up and they are just dying to give it a try themselves and the older ones for reasons we'll discuss shortly. Both age group's expressions as they watch your progress on your art piece are often like that of a Starved college student watching a donut being glazed at Krispy Kreme or a lion watching a wounded gazelle. Their hearts and eyes are Hungry. These are the “Your an artist? I love that!” Folks. [ I imagine the fun inner dialog going like this: “Oh, that’s so great I’m SOOOOO excited there’s going to be an artist today! YESS! The worship is going to be so good…Oh, I wish I could do that. No, I’m not really an artist though, not good enough…I just like art…play a little…I draw a bit… write poetry….compose whole symphonies when no one is looking…ah, but hers is so good!! I wish mine was that good….Hmm. You know, I probably would have gone more with a pink then a blue there…but no, she’s the REAL artist….Yeah, see that part really should have been pink...…hmmm, I wonder what she’s doing, it looks weird……OH! There we go, I can see it now, that’s incredible, she’s such a good artist...This is so great…I really feel the worship today.…. I wish I could do that….We should have artists more often.”] The Yes’s.

While Starchies need a mental framework. Yes's need legitimacy. They are longing for someone to see their gift and say "Yes. God meant you." Usually they're hiding alone in the dark. Their creative gift flattened under the fear of not being good enough.





What NOT to do, or Fun ways to Mess with Church People, Episode 2 :

As they hover hungrily… because they can’t help it…..If you’re really brave and the hoverer’s are kids under the age of 5…hand them a paint brush and encourage them to go use it. Everywhere. Especially with splattering. I guarantee that the quality of people’s prayer lives will skyrocket right then and there. They will address God directly on your behalf…loudly. Probably just before kicking you off stage. Another fun way to mess with the Yes’s (and pretty much everyone else) is by carrying a tambourine or two with you. Especially with ribbons…oh yeah, Ribbons, baby! Then wait for those fledgling dancing Yes’s to attempt to hold themselves back as worship crescendos and…hand out those beribboned beauties. Then stand back as the spirit moves those Yes’s. I guarantee no eyes have seen and no ears have yet heard the deep depths of tambourineing that those Yes’s will discover as they hit their strides. What’s great is this particular fun idea is a two for the price of one deal. While those Yes’s are becoming one with their inner tambourinist, the Starchies are getting ready to meet Saint Peter as they hyperventilate in the back corner. Your welcome……”And the pure in heart shall see God”…and sometimes more quickly….

How to ACTUALLY Respond to the Yes's:

I actually truly enjoy the Yes’s. They really are my tribe. I feel deeply the tenor of their vastly varied and yet all too familiar journey of becoming. For the young Yes’s the ones still unsquashed, I like to extend an invitation to become. Share and come along side them. Be apart of their becoming. They are filled with exuberance and its such a privilege watching them blossom. But the adult Yes’s…The Adult Yes’s are especially dear to me. These Yes’s are usually marked by their stories. Their journey has all too often been one that is pain-filled and lonely as their inner artist was squished, squashed, torn apart or suppressed often for many years. These poor Yes’s often ran from their design while their sparks were brutalized just as often by well-intentioned discouragement for not being the best as unabashed cruelty. But you see, each Yes’s journey can only be made through the press…just like wine can only come through the process of the pressing. Artistic giftings regardless of flavor don't develop true depth on a stage. Just like wine, its the deepest vintages that have been faithfully developing their flavor in the daily faithful practice of their gift usually far away from celebration and spotlights. As a Prophetic Artist, I’ve got my own version of their journey and remember it’s lessons all too well. There was a day years ago when God told me I wasn’t allowed to hide anymore. But honestly, I was scared to shine, scared to reveal myself. Scared to be squashed...again. Now, I take great delight blessing and encouraging the things God shows me in other underground artists, closet musicians and anonymous writers. I try my utmost in passing on encouragement as they move ahead in that journey. When an excited or even shy Yes comes to tell me of their art, I love that God trusts their sparks to me and I get the chance to blow on them and call them forward. There is more then enough to go around. Its tempting to think that there’s only enough for me, the field of the arts all to often rabid with frenemies but I intentionally try to never miss an opportunity to encourage someone else. Its a hard enough journey without tearing each other apart. Celebrate others, no two artists are exactly the same and everybody's story is needed.
Stay tuned next time, when we'll spend a bit of time defining my favorite group the Response Type III, known as the "Wait..What the bl**p just happened." It's going to be fun!

With Love,


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