[Episode 3 ]: You're a What? Top 3 Responses to Telling People I'm a Prophetic Artist Art.

[Episode 3 ]: You're a What? Top 3 Responses to Telling People I'm a Prophetic Artist Art.

January 15, 2019

We’ve had fun the last couple of posts talking about the first two types of responses I most often come across as a Prophetic Artist, Response I, The Staunch Starchy and Response II, The Yes! this Speaks to my heart. Today I’m super excited to talk about my personal favorite, the fabulous Response III, The Wait, What the bl**p just Happened. This is going to be so great! Get ready to meet the Waits.

Response Type III, The Wait! What the Bl**P Just Happened:

The Response III, The Wait...What the bl**p just happened, (yes, I really did say bl**p, go ahead take a minute for your inner middle schooler to finish giggling. It’s cool, we’ll wait).
*Smile* Better?
Anyway as I was saying Response III, the Waits (the adult in me just couldn’t quite call them the “bl**ps the rest of this post although the middle schooler in me was seriously tempted.) The Waits are also readily identifiable although this group is extra special because they morph, more on that in a minute. The Waits are
the people who come up to you usually after the service with a story and the incredulous sound in their voices. While they may have seen an artist in service before they may have been initially indifferent. Today somehow  though God hijacked their attention and wouldn't let it go. They occasionally even have difficulty putting into words what happened or is happening inside them. Why? That, my intelligent friend, is a brilliant question...
Because God just blew up their box.
Don't you love when God just invites himself right on in? He totally does and usually without regard for little human things like timing, convenience or for that matter just how expensive one's mascara is. Regardless though, I absolutely love how God encounters someone by means of one or a variety of the unique aspects of prophetic art. Mostly because it directly bypasses language, culture and logic and hits straight at the heart. I've had Waits come up to me as they try to get out just how the colors I was using were speaking to them in some way. Other times its the process of the painting itself as it's being created that God has used to blow open doors in their hearts. Still others the subject matter or what they saw in the painting or the story that went with it as I had described the why to go with the what I was painting and often combinations of all of the above. It's glorious getting a front row seat to God moving on hearts as only He can. I adore hearing as the Waits tell me their story and then I get the privilege of getting to pray, bless and take part in the deep work so brilliantly done by the Master Artist, himself. Honestly this right here is why the Waits are my favorite. As much as I have fun interacting with the Starchies, and flat out enjoy the Yes's, I come alive interacting with the Waits. These are the people I'm really here for. [ I imagine the fun inner dialog going like this: “Oh look is that an artist? Ok. *Service begins but eyes keep going toward the painting progressing on stage.* Why am I so distracted today...*forcefully bring attention back...eyes stray to painting again* "Geez, focus girl......wow is that? look how its changing...wow and gold....is that a girl facing a storm?....like...mine...." *tears start running down cheeks*...what the H*ck? Am I crying?.....crap, I didn't wear waterproof mascara...*discrete blotting begins*... Shoot....oh Lord, I'm going to look like a crazed raccoon...why can't I ever get Holy laughter??? *Tears continue unhindered and uncontrollable despite discrete blotting becoming increasingly desperate wiping*... Double shoot!! Tissue...Tissue...] Yup, you've just been Holy Spirit hijacked. He can be so sneaky. The Waits.

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Waits are unique in that regardless of framework or legitimacy, they are overcome by a God who stepped into their world using the art piece as His door. Often He's bypassed their brain, their theology and occasionally their emotions to communicate His message that they are known and loved and seen.


What NOT to do, or Fun ways to Mess with Church People, Episode 3 :

You will typically encounter the Waits post-service (see identifiers above), but keep in mind you will also likely have several exuberantly gesturing and smiling Yes's hovering close by as the Waits either shyly hang back behind them or lock eyes and rush you with the direct intention of a charging lion. You really have two options at this point, option 1, you could completely ignore everyone and pack up and head out--much to the disappointment of the Yes's and the Wait's both. Not my usual course of action since, you know, I actually like people. Or You could choose option 2, which is way more fun. You can just start a line right along side the Alter team and then laugh, cry and hear the life story of everyone in the whole place...And 4 hours later as the annoyed cleaning staff is flashing the lights and tapping their feet with arms crossed standing next to their vacuum cleaners and as tumble weeds blow across the empty parking lot you are finally packing up and leaving (and if you're like me, usually sans mascara. Yup, cried it off).

How to ACTUALLY Respond to the Waits:

As I said before, I adore the Waits. I love their stories and watching the wonder on their faces and the way their hearts are so open and sensitive as Holy Spirit just meets them where they're at. It's an honor I don't take for granted. As soon as I recognize that I'm hearing from a Wait, like the others, their body language readily gives away their archetype, I start listening for what God is doing and how I need to partner with Him in his goal. Sensitivity to the Voice of the Father is really important in these moments.
I mentioned at the beginning that the Waits are special because they morph. They do and here's how. As the Wait in question begins to tell you their story I'm concurrently listening for what the Holy Spirit is telling me about it. I often find that inside this Wait is a hidden "Yes" (see episode II) whose spark has been buried deeply,
often for a long time but burning all the same, and God is giving me the honor of brushing the rubble back and blowing on it. Other times He's speaking gently to a broken hearted One and I get to carry words of comfort and hope and pour them over the wound. Still others its' broken dreams that he is touching and I get to reintroduce them to the God of the "Instead" and tell them of hope and life ahead. It's a privilege and honor to walk alongside my Amazing God and watch as He loves on his people. I even get to do it paint splattered and in jeans. How awesome is that?
I really do love the painting, it's always an adventure with a joyfully creative, often funny Master Artist, who not rarely throws me a curve ball in the process. But I doubly love watching the beauty and infinite wisdom of what He does with it. You see, I no longer have to have faith He will show up, I know He will. I prayed a dangerous prayer once. (I do a lot, but it started with this one.) I asked him to break my heart for His people and see them as he did. He did just that. As tears streamed uncontrolled down my face for a long time, I suddenly knew with stunning clarity why Jesus died for us and in that moment I probably would have done the same. There are times it still hits me and tears stream down my cheeks again that I have no control over. Especially over the last year as He's renewed his call over my life. Feeling His heart for his people and walking my own journey beside Him, my own heart has never been the same. I've come to deeply love his people myself. I can't help it. The more I love Him, the more I love his people. Sure, we're messy, but when you feel even a small percentage of the ocean of love in the heart of the Timeless One over the brokenness of his people it's impossible not to be impacted too. That really is the whole point. It's love that really paints my canvases. It shows up in brilliant colors, many and varied, but I pour out my love for my glorious God with my best skill and ability and just as much the reflection, in me, of His love for His people.
Thanks for accompanying me as we laughed and learned about typical christian responses to prophetic art. I've really enjoyed our chat, and I hope you did too. So, from one Prophetic artist to another, let love paint your canvas. Let it sing the lyrics of the songs you hold. Let it pen the stanzas of the poems and pages of the novels just waiting to be heard....and most of all let your spark burn bright because you are so needed.

With Love,


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