This series and the written piece  that inspired each of them and is inscribed on the flagship painting, are a culmination of a number of thoughts, moments in times, lessons I've garnered and mindsets I have and still am cultivating. What does that mean? Well, namely that  every one of these is intensely personal and at the same time fully meant to be an encouragement, an "I see your significance" and even a bit of a  challenge to others who can find themselves reflected in the images each piece contains.

This First Painting came out of a series of encounters and features the original poem "War Cry" I wrote as this series began to percolate in my heart. 

As I child my companions and I were always playing at a scenario where one was the princess and everyone else fought to save this representation of the Beloved. Only as a child, I never got to be that girl. I always deeply wanted to be, tried a few times but always if I wanted to take part, it was always as a fighter never the one fought for. Now as an grown woman looking back I reflected over this frequent childhood play scenario, and why it spoke so deeply to my heart. I came to the realization that maybe I was never the princess because my beauty wasn’t just made for gilded courts. While I am made to be fully alive as a woman fully herself standing tall with beauty and crowned in authority. I am not tame. I am fully alive in the place of adventure. I want the wild. I realized in that moment that I was then, and indeed still am no princess to be rescued, I instead was a warrior Queen.  I entered the fray,  shining with rosy cheeks and eyes afire, hair flowing around me, face to the wind. Adventure calls to me.  I am powerful and I will be free. Thus this particular adventure began.