Jennifer Quan Art

  • 24in x30in
  • Original piece is Acrylic on Gallery wrapped Canvas. Not for sale at this time
  • Prints and Canvas Prints are currently available for sale

 The 6th Painting in the War Cry Series.

 Rev. 8:3-4, Isaiah 49:1-3

This is for the intercessors. The forerunners, the fore-seers. Those who are called to see where the battles are happening before they happen. They carry the joy of getting to see the plans of the heart of the Father and say “Yes!”. They get to pray “yes” to goodness over peoples. “Yes” over regions. “Yes” over destinies.
They are the ones whose faithful prayers are continuous incense in the presence. The friends of God. I’ve discovered we win because we are bathed in the invisible layers of prayer that have gone before us. Intercessors make a difference. But often they do it, not in the forefront, not on a stage and not to crowds of waiting admirers.
These are the quiet faithful ones. They are the friends we tell when we head into the difficult or the dangerous. They show up quietly, with a weapon in hand and say “Here I am, I’m with you.” For these, the battle is most often won in the quiet. The fight alone or with a company of a few. They face the horizon with the heart of God, “This way? Let’s go.” The intercessors. 

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