Jennifer Quan Art

  • 24in x 36in
  • Original piece is Acrylic on Gallery wrapped Canvas

 7th Painting in the War Cry Series

Isaiah 58: 11-12, Isaiah 61: 1-4, Isaiah 62: 1-5, Song of Songs 1:2-3, 

The last and final painting in the War Cry Series.

I originally wanted to name this final painting "I will". But realized that "Resolve" said everything and more elegantly. Artist Problems. lol.

At the beginning of the story of this series was the Warrior at rest. The Warrior, she was waiting, at rest and listening. Her heart decided, the battle still ahead. She is a woman, a battle tested beauty, and she knows the fight is coming. She knows her resolve, and knows she will not shrink back. She may not be the commander but she is no less a feared warrior, a Holy monster, and she carries the heart of the Kingdom and the will to win. 

Each progressive painting expanded on aspects of this identity and the places where it breathes, common especially to women. From a Queen with flowing hair and a crown of stars and fire; to prayerful, tired mothers; to joyful encouragers; to Intercessors on the frontlines of the Heart of the Kingdom; and finally to this final piece,  the Warrior no longer at rest but powerfully on the move.  This final painting in the series is extra special and it is intense in a different way from any of the others. 

In this painting, the warrior is fierce, she is proactive, she is resolved and she has chosen to step forward into the battle. She has CHOSEN to be fully alive, even as a woman. She is fully herself standing tall with beauty and crowned in authority. There is a crown here too, but this time it's only visible at a specific angle, because she knows it's there. She knows now and isn't wearing it for the benefit of others to see. Now, she's wearing it on the inside, of herself.  She is not tame. She is fully alive in the place of adventure, in the place, a Cry of War is needed. She wants the wild. It's not that she isn't afraid, it's that fear isn't the most important thing. In this moment she is no princess to be rescued she is instead a warrior Queen.  She has entered the fray,  shining with rosy cheeks and eyes afire, hair flowing around her, face to the wind and an unsheathed sword. Adventure calls and she has chosen to answer.  she is powerful and she is free. Resolve.


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